Joanne M. Hunt 


Original artworks in oil and watercolour


I hope you enjoy both photo albums includes a selection of still life works in both watercolour and oils and if you scroll downwards, you will find another album of white flowers in oil. These pieces are all sold...and are provided as an example of my work. I do accept commissions, but I only work from my own resource material and certain subject matter...please feel free to email and discuss.

Morning Bells, oil, 30x40, sold
Moonlight, oil, 24 x 41", sold
Summer, oil, 24 x 41", sold
Abundance, oil, 36 x 28", sold
Awakening, oil, 24 x 24", sold
It's A New Day, 31 x 38", oil, sold
Far East, oil, 24 x 43", sold
Tango, oil, 20 x 24, sold
Whisper, 24 x 45, oil, sold
Secret Garden, 24 x 42, oil, sold
Golden Moment, oil, sold
Grace, 24 x 24, oil, sold
Peaches n' Cream, oil, sold